Episode 12: Extract by Shakir Rashaan

On this episode, Shakir Rashaan reads an excerpt of some of his recent work. He writes incredible erotic fiction from short stories to his novels. His series are delicious and have lots of gender sex and relationship diversity throughout. Having him read his work is an erotic treat in itself. Shakir Rashaan is the author…
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Episode 14: a reading by Midori

This episode Midori reads from Master Han's Daughter. This is a wonderfully erotic piece and Midori is a wonderful reader. Known as the “supernova of kink” according to Dan Savage, Midori emerged from the Sex Positive movement in San Francisco in the early 1990s and soon became one of the most highly regarded presenters on…
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Episode 13: On Your Knees Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

This episode show cases a few of my short pieces. They are divided by music selections. I hope you enjoy them. The pieces are On Your Knees Surrender reminds me of Glow Sticks The Scent of You My Nostrils Flare Craving I often write short pieces to my muses.
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Episode 11: Ralph Greco Jr

This week we have a departure from our usual erotic readings. Ralph Greco, Jr was happy to be interviewed by me and I thought it would be fun to share it with all of you. R.Greco, Jr. is an ASCAP licensed songwriter, professional playwright, the senior east coast correspondent/reviewer/interviewer for, press liaison for The Erotic…
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due diligence

Episode 10: What is it that turns you on, Due Diligence

This week includes my story: Due Diligence the text of which is below. Due Diligence'That one comes with a health warning' Rosana says as she followed my gaze. Sweet chocolate, smooth and a swagga to boot. 'Marga are you listening to me?' Rosana chides 'hmm' I reply, pupils dilating as I continue to watch him…
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Episode 8: Walking down the road – A hunt of Sorts – Some Blush Report

This week's episode is made up of three different pieces of erotica. The first is a short piece called Walking Down the Road was written in 2014. The second 'A hunt of sorts' was written earlier in the 2000's. The blush report was a project that I began at the request of a partner. I…
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