Episode 8: Walking down the road – A hunt of Sorts – Some Blush Report

This week’s episode is made up of three different pieces of erotica. The first is a short piece called Walking Down the Road was written in 2014. The second ‘A hunt of sorts’ was written earlier in the 2000’s. The blush report was a project that I began at the request of a partner. I have been called ‘Red’ for many years but not for the reason that people think (my red hair). I have always blushed easily and my fair skin means that hiding my blush is nigh on impossible. I blush from my toes to the part in my hair to the tips of my ears.

Someone I was seeing wanted me to to write a short journal about what triggered my blush that day. I have lived in the UK for over 30 years and have always loved the Shipping Forecast at the end of the day. So I designed the Blush Report as part of that journal with a shipping forecast flavour. There will eventually be a full volume of these daily reports as they are often a lot of fun.

Blushing is a theme that shows cup in a lot of my erotica as I find it fascinating the way that we humans signal our desire, our feelings, our embarrassment, excitement and shame all through colour change just like chameleons! Well some humans signal via colour change. Not everyone blushes though most of us flush at various times – sometimes in anger, frustration, sexual excitement. Colour change is integral to physical signs of desire as well. The vagina and vulva change colour and often drastically change colour as they become engorged with blood. The penis changes colour when engorged with blood as well. Nipples can change from pale to very deep and often move through shades of pink to red to deep red brown.

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