due diligence

Episode 10: What is it that turns you on, Due Diligence

This week includes my story: Due Diligence the text of which is below.

Due Diligence
‘That one comes with a health warning’ Rosana says as she followed my gaze. Sweet chocolate, smooth and a swagga to boot. ‘Marga are you listening to me?’ Rosana chides ‘hmm’ I reply, pupils dilating as I continue to watch him from across the room. ‘Marga if you keep staring you will burn a hole in his jacket’. She laughs as my face becomes pink.

We have come out for a comfortable drink on a Friday night. Rosana bullied me into it … Reminding me how long it had been since I was out in public. ‘It will be fun. We can celebrate your freedom’. ‘Ok. Guess I have been a hermit long enough’ I replied. It had been 6 months since my separation from Ang. The relationship had lasted a few years and then fizzled out. It was mostly vanilla so no surprise that it didn’t work. Marga found herself having to be the dominant partner in the relationship eliminating most of the heat.

The bartender approaches the pair. ‘Marga’ she says ‘this is compliments of the guy you have been staring at’ with a chuckle in her voice, and hands me a single malt tall with ice and water. Rosana laughs as I accept the drink and then raise it in a toast to Him, noticing he has moved closer. ‘He’s observant’ I remark to Rosana ‘noticing what I drink or asking Sandra’. I gulp ¼ of the drink. ‘Slowly’ Rosana chides ‘don’t forget how easily you are affected by alcohol. If you plan to dance with him you will need your wits about you’.

Rosana and I finish our drinks, enjoying light banter and some gossip about people from our old crowd. ‘I have to get home sweetie. Are you coming? Rosana asks. ‘Nah, I will sort a taxi home. I’m going to stay for another one’ I reply. ‘Careful girl. Remember he comes with a health warning. Make sure you negotiate well do your due diligence. Be polite and curb your bossiness’ Rosana says. ‘OK Sana – I hear you. You’ve done your due diligence. I have been warned’ I reply and we hug goodbye.

I turn back to the bar and continue to savour the single malt. I notice the slight sweetness and then the smoke on my tongue and rolling down my throat. I sigh. It’s times like these I would love to still be a smoker. I am lost in the sensory pleasure, eyes closed, mouth parted, sitting on the stool with my elbows on the bar. I sense his presence before he speaks. ‘Are you enjoying the drink girl?’ he says. I can feel his heat up my back. My nipples harden and the liquid begins to ooze from my centre. ‘Yes Sir’ I reply softly. ‘Thank you.’ I finish the scotch as I hear him order me another. I am about to tell him I don’t need another and my voice catches in my throat. His hand is at the back of my neck and my legs turn to jelly. He introduces himself and presses in closer to me. As he speaks, his fingers are playing with the hair at the back of my neck, nails bite into my neck, scratch lightly, draw patterns until I am damn near hypnotised. My eyes are still closed and I am swaying slightly. I realise that he is holding me up. His arms move around me and I adjust to lean against him. His fingers slide over my breasts, pinching, squeezing, stroking until I am moaning aloud. Sandra sets the drinks in front of me and shakes her head. ‘Don’t make a mess’ she admonishes us. ‘Marga…’ she starts and then she thinks better of it.

All the while, he is whispering in my left ear, asking questions about my likes and dislikes. I answer softly, blushing ever more deeply as the questions become more intimate. Do I like to be fucked? Ass fucked? Have I ever been fisted? What do I consider hard limits? I answer each question before I have time to think. If I think, I won’t be able to answer. He is tweaking my nipple as he asks me about limits, squeezing harder until I gasp in pain. He turns my head to look in my eyes and I know he is seeing black pupils. The pain is intense and the pleasure runs right behind it. He asks me again about limits and I hear myself reply ‘Slaves don’t really have too many limits. I don’t want to be permanently injured. Apart from that the standard – no animals, children or scat.’ He virtually hums his pleasure at my response and I wonder what I have just walked into. ‘So. No particular limits.’ He says slowly. ‘No Sir. There are things I like. Things I don’t like. When I serve someone with whom I have a connection, with whom trust develops, I do not have a list of limits. I hand over control and do my best to rise to any challenges set, to please the person I am serving.’

‘Tell me three things you are either afraid of or really don’t like’ I hear his words as a command. I amaze myself and don’t’ filter ‘Hoods, fisting, and needles are things I am afraid of. I don’t like having my feet beaten, I don’t like rope much and I don’t like gags’. He is still playing with my left nipple. He leans closer and his breath is on my neck. He slowly bites down on my left ear… increasing the pressure until I begin to squirm. ‘Be still’ he whispers in my ear. I hold myself still – all attention focused on his teeth on my ear and then moving to the spot on my neck behind my ear – where he can see the pulse. I moan as he bites down over the pulse. I feel the sharpness of his teeth and imagine my blood pumping into his mouth, sliding down his throat. He groans. He is seeing/feeling the same thing. He takes my hand and presses it to his crotch. I want to slide to my knees but he holds me in place.

‘Tell me three things you love. Three things that make you come just thinking of them’ he breathes in my ear. ‘Being fucked – all holes filled, being beaten – implement depends upon mood but favourites are floggers, cats and sjamboks, being pissed on’ I reply as I turn blood red ‘and I love being bitten’ I finish.

‘Tell me three things that inhabit your fantasies’ he says. I am clear that it doesn’t matter if I have experienced these or not – he wants three things that I find myself drawn to – that I think of. ‘Chains – being on a Master’s chain, knives, claws and other sharp things that draw blood, being a slut for a varied group – all genders/ sexualities’ My face is so hot. He chuckles. He pulls my hair and says ‘let’s go’. Sandra waves me goodbye. ‘See you later Marga. Have fun’

He’s leading me by my hair. I am clumsy as I follow, trying to keep up without stumbling. He leads me towards the alley to the rear car park. Halfway down, he presses me up against the brick wall. His thigh pushes my legs apart and he presses into sopping wet pussy. He gathers my hair, pushing my head back and takes my mouth. He bites down on my tongue causing me to bleed. He has my left breast again, pulling on my nipple, squeezing my breast until I think I will scream. He silences me with his mouth again. His thigh pressed to my pussy has me on the edge of orgasm. I want to ride him. I can no longer feel the brick against my back – all my attention focused on where he is touching me.

He slaps my face and my knees buckle. I’m suspended on his leg. I can feel his finger marks on my cheek. ‘Good girl’ he says and I am moaning, desperate for more. ‘Do you want to play girl’? he asks. ‘Yes Sir’ I moan. ‘Good. Should you need a safe word, use my name’ he instructs. At that moment, I can hear Rosana saying ‘that one should come with a health warning’. I shiver and he chuckles as though he has heard my thoughts.

He rips my blouse, bra and exposes my breasts. He bends and bites deeply, sucking and gnawing on my left breast until I am sure he is going to break the skin, am dying for him to break the skin. Gods all I want is to feel his teeth enter me and my blood flow into his mouth. I barely know him and I want to offer this much. I tremble in response to these thoughts.

‘Face the wall’ he barks. I turn round, pressing my breasts against the cold brick. He lifts my skirt and exposes my ass. He pulls my soaked cotton panties aside and shoves two fingers into my sopping cunt. ‘Quiet’ he warns ‘we don’t want to draw the police do we?’. I bite my tongue so as not to scream. The blood flows from it again. He’s fucking me and I bucking back against him, pressing down on his fingers, dying for him to fill me.

I feel the cold lube against my ass as he spreads my cheeks. One, two and then three fingers open my asshole. He drags me further down the alley, over to a disused picnic table and bends me over it. He shoves his dick into my ass in one quick stroke. I rise to meet his thrusts, my orgasm building. He grabs my hips and slams into my ass over and over again. ‘Please please please’ I am crying. ‘Please let me come please Sir’ I wail. ‘Not yet’ he says and I growl in response. I don’t know how I am going to still my body. He continues to fuck my ass, harder and faster until I can feel him come. I moan in pleasure and frustration. He pulls out quickly and re-arranges my panties, smacks my ass and pulls down my skirt.

‘Let’s go’ he says and leads me to the car. ‘How about your place?’ he says and I give him the address to my house outside the city where my dogs await. He pinches my nipples on the drive, digs his fingers into my thighs, pinches my thighs, rubs my clit until tears of frustration fill my eyes. I am struggling to hold it together. He told me not yet and I don’t want to disappoint. He is smirking – can see how hard this is for me.

We enter my house. He strips the rest of my clothing off and walks into the living area like he owns the place. He sits down on the green leather sofa. ‘Crawl to me’ he says and initially I freeze. Before he has to repeat himself, I drop to the floor and crawl across the stone entry hall and onto the oak plank floor. I crawl to the rug in front of him and kneel with my head to his feet. His hands are in my hair, stroking, pulling and then lifting my head so I am looking up at him. He is studying me – the unshed tears in my eyes, the redness of my cheeks, my shallow breathing, my dilated pupils.

He takes off his trousers. ‘Suck me’ he says. I suck him like I am dying of thirst, as though I were starving. There is nothing in the world but his dick. After a while, he controls my breathing – holding my head down as he thrusts into my throat. Allowing me to breathe and feeling me gasp. ‘Please’ I gasp when he lets me up. ‘Come then’ he says and I explode as he fucks my throat. He keeps fucking my throat until he comes and then pulls me to him, running hands over my body, pinching, scraping, scratching – claiming each and every bit. I am moaning again, again close to coming. ‘Don’t’ he warns.

He removes his belt and folds it double. My eyes become even wider with fear and desire. He presses my head to the ground, has me facing away from him and begins to beat me – back, ass and thighs. He continues the beating until he raises good welts and finally until he draws blood. ‘Now you can come’ he says and I do so, tears running down my cheeks.

He gathers me up in his arms and strokes me as my breathing returns to normal. I can tell he loves my tears. We fall asleep on the sofa.

When we wake, I think of Rosana’s due diligence and smile. He raises an eyebrow. ‘My friend said you should come with a health warning. She told me that she had done her due diligence by telling me so’. He chuckles as he nips at that spot on my neck where my pulse beats.

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