Cecilia Tan

Episode 9: Lip Service by Cecilia Tan

This week I hope you will enjoy the amazing Cecilia Tan reading one of her stories, Lip Service.  This hot story is part of her collection, White Flames, Erotic Dreams.  It is a story of a BDSM novice and a meeting in an unusual kind of bar.

Cecilia Tan is “simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature,” according to Susie Bright. For over 25 years she has been writing erotic fiction and promoting BDSM community activism. RT Magazine awarded her Career Achievement in Erotic Romance in 2015, she’s a member of the Saints & Sinners LGBT Writers Hall of Fame, and she has a stack of leather and BDSM community awards, including the Pantheon of Leather President’s Award, the NLA: International Lifetime Achievement Award and the NLA Woman of the Year. She is the founder of Circlet Press and the author of many books, including the ground-breaking erotic short story collections Black Feathers, the erotic BDSM romance Slow Surrender, and the Magic University series. Her short stories have appeared in Ms. Magazine, Nerve, Best American Erotica, Asimov’s Science Fiction, and tons of other places. She identifies as a bisexual bigender switch and wants you to know, in case you didn’t, that trans women are women no matter what a billionaire British fantasy novelist wants you to think.

You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and G+ as ceciliatan and on Instagram as ctan_writer.  Her blog is at blog.ceciliatan.com and you can also follow her on Patreon.

Part way through the podcast this week, you will hear an advertisement for the Licking Non Vanilla Podcast with M. Christian and Ralph Greco Jr.  It is a great podcast all about kink, and sex and ‘writing dirty words’.

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