Vinnie Tesla

Episode 4: Ota Discovers Fire by Vinnie Tesla

Enjoy an excerpt from one of my favourites by Vinnie Tesla. This is a fantasy piece and an excerpt from his ‘smutty werewolf-adjacent novella’ Ota Discovers Fire and the link is in his bio below. For Patrons on my Patreon page at the $10 level, there is a great interview with Vinnie Tesla as well as a reward for supporting this podcast and my radio show, The A to Z of Sex® with Dr Lori Beth Bisbey on I particularly love this reading because Vinnie did not just speak in his own voice – he did the characters!

Vinnie Tesla is the author of the pornographic steampunk comedy of manners The Erotofluidic Age, the pornographic cyberpunk graphic novel The Eidolon Initative (drawn by Lon Ryden), the smutty werewolf-adjacent novella Ota Discovers Fire, and a bunch of short weird stories here and there. He lives outside Boston with his spouse and their spoiled cattle dog.

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