erotic library

Episode 1 : Dr Lori Beth Bisbey’s Erotic Library

On this podcast, I am inviting you into my personal library to experience my favourite erotica.  This first episode, I am giving you a piece of my erotica to savour.    Erotica gives us a place to explore fantasy, a way to experience identities and activities you might not otherwise get to experience.  It can be used to broaden your horizons or as an aid to conversation with a partner or potential playmate.  Audio porn engages your imagination.  Because the visuals are all up to you, some people find this easier to engage with, easier to relate to.

Each week, I will read you a piece of my erotica, a piece of erotica from one of my favourite authors (with permission) or the authors will read you a piece of their work.  If you want extra perks, join my Patreon as a patron.  If you join at the $3 tier, you will get the patron only feed.  At the $5 tier, you will get access to extra stories.   At the $20 tier, you will get access to interviews with the authors who come to read on my show.  Higher tiers get access to all the perks of earlier tiers.    Your patronage helps me defray production costs for this podcast and my internet radio show, The A to Z of Sex®