Month: June 2020

due diligence

Episode 3: Bella by Lorraine Ansell

This episode of Dr Lori Beth Bisbey's Erotic Library features the writing of Lorraine Ansell. Lorraine is a voice over artist who narrates lots of erotica and an erotic author in her own right. Her short stories are delicious. This is a story of two women and highlights some power exchange as well. If you…
Cecilia tan

Episode 2: Telepaths Don’t Need Safe Words – Read by Dr Lori Beth Bisbey, author Cecelia Tan

On this week's episode, I am reading you one of my favourite stories - Telepaths Don't Need Safe Words - by Cecelia Tan. I thank her for graciously giving me permission to read her work. I love science fiction and fantasy erotica. It brings together my favourite genres and allows me to stretch my imagination…
erotic library

Episode 1 : Dr Lori Beth Bisbey’s Erotic Library

On this podcast, I am inviting you into my personal library to experience my favourite erotica.  This first episode, I am giving you a piece of my erotica to savour.    Erotica gives us a place to explore fantasy, a way to experience identities and activities you might not otherwise get to experience.  It can…